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10 Christmas Light Safety Tips to Prevent Fires

Published by SEO on Wednesday, December 16th 2015
In category: Fire Safety, Residential

My favorite part of this season is seeing all the buildings bedazzled with lights. It’s the perfect metaphor – banishing the darkness of winter by shedding light on our friends, family, and home. However, sometimes that light gets a little too lit. The highest number of reported house fires occur in winter, and each year over ... Read More

Saying Thanks to Emergency Response Workers

Published by 911 Restoration on Wednesday, November 25th 2015
In category: Fire Safety, Residential

Thanksgiving is a time for being with your family, eating delicious home-cooked food that will forever remind you of your childhood, and being thankful for the things you have and the people in your life. But what happens when mom accidentally burns the turkey? Or when dad turns away from the grill for too long ... Read More

Kitchen Fire and Smoke Safety

Published by 911 Restoration on Tuesday, November 17th 2015
In category: Fire Safety, Residential

This #TransformationTuesday we’re bringing the magic to Upstate South Carolina. If ever you need a reminder not to fight an oil fire with water, take it from this kitchen. While throwing water on a flame is usually a good move, using water to try to stifle a grease fire can cause devastating effects, as this family ... Read More

Bonfire and Campfire Safety Tips

Published by 911 Restoration on Thursday, November 5th 2015
In category: Fire Safety, Residential

Along with fall comes bonfires, but you certainly don’t want your house being lit up as well. Everyone should know these basic bonfire and campfire tips to have fun while keeping safe. Location, Location, Location Especially when dealing with large, open flames, make sure your bonfire is placed at least 60 feet from any houses, ... Read More

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