Be The Fresh Start Foundation

Be The Fresh Start Foundation is unique in that it supports it’s fellow, smaller charitable organizations in order to have the largest impact in the community.

The goal behind our foundation is to build an engine that will carry our Fresh Start initiative into the future. We aim to ensure that our charitable donations and actions toward bettering the lives of others does not become a one-time occurrence.

We believe in a better world that starts with children. In tandem with the Youth Business Alliance (YBA), and Brighter Children, Be The Fresh Start Foundation has raised over $10,000 for international childhood education.

The Fresh Start Attitude consists of changing the world by changing yourself. We are launching this foundation to do just that: in changing ourselves, we hope to change the world around us. Beyond the Be The Fresh Start Foundation, we promote healthy living, positive attitudes, and communal responsibility. This push towards better lives started in our corporate office.

First, we introduced the idea of exercise with walks every Tuesday through a local park. Next, we filled the break room with fruits and other healthy snacks for our employees. We asked for anonymous submissions of how the work environment could be better for those who were there on a daily basis. After a few months, there were many changes around the office, but the most important, were the many smiles.

As we realized the impact that compassion and an emphasis on others could have, we decided this idea needed to be replicated on a much larger scale. Thus, the Be The Fresh Start Foundation was born and it has been rolling forward ever since, promoting positivity, healthy lifestyles, and help within our community – which we have determined is the world over.

We are very excited to continue our work with YBA, Bright Children, and the many other organizations bringing our Fresh Start ideals to the less fortunate.

By promoting other organizations, enacting our own opportunities, and spreading our Fresh Start culture, this foundation continues toward the promise of a better future for all. Join us in making a change in the world.

Please send your donation to:
Be the Fresh Start
7721 Densmore Ave.
Van Nuys, CA 91406