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Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

We understand that if you own a business, your company is your livelihood. Keeping it up and running is your number one priority, so if a disaster knocks it out of commission, 911 Restoration knows how important it is to get your doors open for business as soon as possible. We make sure our crews respond within 45 minutes of your emergency, from a flooded store front to a sewage backup in the storage room, we will provide you with professional services that will get your business open again in no time.

We understand that if you own a business, your company is your livelihood. Keeping it up and running is your number one priority, so if a disaster knocks it out of commission, 911 Restoration knows how important it is to get your doors open for business as soon as possible.

  • Free fire damage assessment.
  • Cleaning fire damage with sodablasting.
  • Cleaning dishes, surfaces, and furniture.
  • Smoke removal, soot removal, and ash removal.
  • Permanent odor removal.
  • Direct insurance billing.
  • Clothing restoration.
  • Inventory listing and lost itemization.
  • Packing out and storing undamaged belongings while work is done.
  • Reconstruction and renovation— making your home better than new.

We are trained to implement restoration services in the following areas:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Sewage Cleanup
  • Mold Removal
  • Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration
  • Odor Removal
  • Disaster Cleanup
  • Construction
  • Emergency Board-Up
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Insulation Services
  • And more…

At 911 Restoration, we make sure the restoration process happens quickly and efficiently. Our technicians have the training to handle all types of disaster remediation, no matter how great the scope of the damage. Our crews are equipped with the most advanced technology, enabling us to get the job done right, the first time around.

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At 911 Restoration, we bring a fresh start to every homeowner that has experienced fire damage. Soot, ash, and smoke are professionally removed in order to guarantee you the ability to breathe easy.

We do more than fix the damage as we are there for homeowners through the emotional parts and the tedious moments like insurance paper work.

The all-in-one fire damage restoration team at 911 Restoration is available 24/7/365, and we will respond within 45-minutes with same day service. Our reaction time is tailored to being by your side when you need it most, and the faster we get there the more damage we can curb.

Fire causes a lot of ash and soot to occur, that if, left alone for too long will eat through whatever it rests on. Ash is the powdery material left over from what burned, which contributes to odor and discoloration. It can nestle deep into the porous material that lines the home. Soot is an oily based substance that is highly acidic, and is usually a compound of things that melted, but did not burn. These remains of fire are stubborn and require detailed attention for removal.

There are a lot of DYI guides that explain how a homeowner can clean smoke damage, but if you want to relinquish your home of the scent of smoke, call 911 Restoration. Even if the fire was small, the smoke smell can linger for years afterward, which is why you want professional smoke removal.

The Remnants of Fire Damage Can Be Unhealthy

Smoke damage

Smoke from a fire can be nauseating with the odors it produces, and it can also cause inflammation for asthmatics. Smoke is a mixture of compounds that become aerosolized, which means these particles become airborne. Dust particles, water, organic acids, compounds from what was burnt, and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS) are kicked into the air, which can lodge themselves in your throat. If a homeowner breathes this, then it can cause permanent damage.

This is what makes self-repair troublesome, as you should not expose yourself to further harm. Instead, a smoke removal technician at 911 Restoration arrives to every fire damage job with the proper respirators to get the job done.

Fire Damage Can Lead to Water Damage and Mold Infestation

Water left over from fire sprinklers or the efforts of firefighters can cause mold spores to grow. This will make the air quality in your home drop even further than the current smoke contamination. The manners in which fire damage propagates are highly intricate and require the know-how of an experienced team.

Trust that 911 Restoration will be able to get your home healthy in order to keep you in the best shape possible after remediation.

Certified Restoration from an Expert Team

All of the 911 Restoration technicians are professional and highly trained in order to safely and effectively restore the home to a state that was better than before. The fresh start attitude is more than repairing property after fires, we make the building like new.

We start every job with a free damage estimate, and the service is aimed at explaining to the homeowner the true extent of damage. From the time it takes to complete the job to each step of the restoration process, we keep the homeowner well informed. We believe in positive professionalism, and that means we are honest every step of the way to best support our clients while providing them peace of mind.

After the homeowner understands the results of the fire, we begin remediation efforts. From water damage repair to microbial treatment, our techs know it all. On top of that, we arrive to every job with everything we need to begin immediately.

We always start with water removal; as standing water can allow mold to start festering. We vacuum out any pooling water, and then begin filtering the air.

Then we triage the restoration. Ash needs to be handled before smoke removal. Usually we are able to remove the ash while getting the water vacuumed. After getting that out of the way we start to focus on soot.

Soot is an oily substance made from debris from the burnt material. These require a little bit more elbow grease as they will not normally dissolve in water. We treat these chemically, then vacuum it. The removal techniques we use are certified by the EPA, so homeowners need not worry about the environmental effect of these chemicals.

When it comes to smoke removal, the job depends on what type of material was effected by the fire damage. What makes smoke harder to remove than soot and ash s that smoke is formless. Being a gas, smoke can easily filter throughout your building. The smoke likely migrated through the vents, meaning the remnants of the disaster are not confined to one room.

With over 35 years of experience, our fire and smoke restoration experts have learned how to remove smoke odor by utilizing a thermal fogger. This creates a cloud that emulates smoke, but its chemical makeup neutralizes odors instead of creates them.

Finally, there is the issue of smoke stains, and unfortunately sometimes they are not smoke stains but charred areas from how hot the gaseous material was. We remove the burnt material and restore it with more fire resistant ones. If the smoke stains are in curtains, we get those out by treating them and then vacuuming out the particles that were deposited into them.

Furniture that smells like smoke can be washed if it is made of cloth. When it comes to figuring out what needs to be replaced, or what needs to be restored, trust the fire and smoke restoration professionals at 911 Restoration. You deserve a company you can trust, so call us if you need experts that care about your wellbeing.

Fire Damage Insurance

In order to bring you peace of mind and stability we handle every step of the restoration process. That means we file your insurance claims as well. Most homeowner’s insurance policies handle accidental fires, and our team will make sure you get everything you deserve.

Here at 911 Restoration, we believe that everyone deserves the best, and for these reasons we fight to get you everything that you are entitled. We do this by being expert documentarians. Documenting every angle of the accident from pictures to receipts means that we rebut any oppositions an adjuster may have before they even have time to refute them.

Avoiding Fires

Fires have nearly endless causes, such as a phone battery exploding. There is no way to prevent them all from happening, but there are tangible ways in which to minimize the risk of a fire.

The first thing to checkout in your home is wiring. Do not overload power strips, as they can burn out leaving behind a charred mess, or worse a small fire. Make sure that power strips are unplugged when you leave the house. Anything plugged into an outlet will draw power, even if they are not in use. The hazard happens when there too many appliances attached to them.

Furthermore, do not run wires over carpets or behind couches. There is a large buildup of dust and dirt that can contribute to the wear on wires. Moreover, there is heat buildup and friction that can increase the rate at which they fail. On top of that, check the wiring around your home for any exposed insulation. Replace or discard as needed.

When it comes to other forms of fire, it is all about respecting them, so they are never in the conditions to combust. For example, do not let children play with lighters and matches. Keep flammable materials such as propane tanks a safe distance from the home. Items such as hair spray containers and other aerosol containers should be kept in dark cool spaces. Space heaters should be allowed at least three feet of clearing on each side.

Preparing for a Fire

Accidents happen all the time, but there are plenty of ways homeowners can mitigate what is at risk when they do occur. 911 Restoration recommends that everyone should practice fire readiness. This includes fire detectors, fire extinguisher, an escape plan, and a rendezvous point.

Practice an evacuation plan with your family on a monthly basis, if you can. Remember, the more you practice, the easier it will be to safely get out of harm’s way in the event of a real fire.

Smoke alarms will draw your attention to a potential or current fire. We recommend calling the fire department and getting you and your family to safety first.

After a fire marshal has cleared your home, call us at 911 Restoration for a fresh start in a beautifully restored home. We will get you back on your feet in no time.

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I would give them 6 stars if I could. I had to deal with a flood in my business, an absolute nightmare for every business owner. 911 Restoration came right away, and they are so professional and efficient. Even after everything was done they followed up and made sure everything was back to normal. A+ customer service. Thank you!

Dave K

I was able to get in touch with 911 Restoration. Within minutes they responded and came out to diagnose the problem. They fixed it within 24 hours. I do not believe there is another company that could have done this job as well or better. I highly recommend them. They’re fantastic people with the utmost integrity and I can’t say enough good things about them.

Lizi & Greg Denver

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