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Surge Protection: How to Prepare a Property Against Storm Surge

Published by Janny on Tuesday, September 25th 2018

Every year from June to November, many areas of the United States along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts experience heavy rains, strong winds, and flooding from tropical storms and hurricanes. But did you know that powerful winds are not the only deadly force of hurricanes? The rise in seawater from the storm, known as storm ... Read More

Prepping Your Home for Freezing Temperatures

Published by Janny on Wednesday, February 14th 2018

Winter is a beautiful time of the year, but with that beautiful snow comes freezing temperatures that can cause serious problems for your home if you aren’t adequately prepared. Don’t fret just yet, however. While there are many different ways that freezing temperatures can affect your home, there’s a way to prepare your property for ... Read More

Hurricane Harvey Safety Information

Published by Janny on Friday, August 25th 2017

Currently a category 2 hurricane, Hurricane Harvey is expected to intensify over the next 24-48 hours with the potential to become the nation’s first Category 3 hurricane to hit landfall in nearly 12 years. The hurricane, which started as a tropical depression, will likely slam the Texas Gulf Coast and parts of Louisiana with heavy rainfall, ... Read More

“Show off your Grill” Smile Contest

Published by Janny on Thursday, September 1st 2016

Autumn is upon us and you know what that means: leaves will fall and change colors, kids will go back to school, and all of us BBQ lovers will get to grill up good grub outside for Labor Day! What could be better? I know! Doing all of this cooking on your brand new stainless steel BBQ ... Read More

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