5 Fire Safety Tips for Throwing a Party at your Home

Published by SEO on May 5th 2015
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5 Fire Safety Tips for Throwing a Party at your Home

Summer has arrived which usually means 3 things: outdoor parties, gatherings, and BBQing. Throwing a party at your home can be fun but always remember, safety first. Here are 5 safety tips from 911 Restoration for throwing a party at your home:

1.) Check your Smoke Detectors
Checking your smoke detectors is something you should already do periodically in your home but it is even more important to do so before a party in which you’ll have multiple guests inside your home. Keeping your houseguests safe should always take priority and this starts with proper fire safety techniques. Also, don’t allow smoking indoors.

2.) Avoid Lighting Candles

A home’s restroom receives some of the most heavy foot traffic during a party so it’s understandable that homeowners feel the need to light candles to remove unwanted odors. However, open flames and parties are a dangerous combination because it only takes one candle being knocked onto a carpet to start a fire. Use scented sprays and room deodorizers instead.

3.) Don’t Overload Electrical Outlets

While it may seem much easier to plug in your TV, video gaming system, DVD player, stereo, laptop, air fan and phone charger around a single area, this act also increases the chance of an electrical fire. Instead, spread the electronics out and use extension cords and surge protectors whenever possible. Check cords to make sure they don’t overheat.

4.) Assemble an Emergency First Aid Kit

A weather disaster can happen at any moment, especially in areas of the country prone to hurricanes, tornados and strong thunderstorms. Additionally, unexpected emergencies like earthquakes and fires happen all the time so it is extremely important to assemble an emergency first aid kit in your home that contains perishable food, water, medicine, and a flashlight.

5.) Have an Emergency Escape Route

Home safety means always being prepared for a disaster. In addition to creating a first aid kit, it is also essential to have an evacuation route planned in case of an emergency. Practice your escape route with family members at least twice a year.

A home fire due to open flames getting out of hand is something no homeowner wants to deal with so always remember to prioritize safety when planning a party. If you do have fire or smoke damage from a recent or past disaster, call our technicians at 911 Restoration today for immediate assistance!