Fireworks Safety for the 4th of July

Published by SEO on July 4th 2015
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Fireworks: Leave Them to the Professionals

The 4th of July holiday likely means food, family, friends, BBQing, and maybe even the beach. Of course another aspect of Independence Day that we all love are the fireworks, which while spectacular to watch in a controlled, safe environment are extremely dangerous and shouldn’t be handled by anybody but trained professionals. Playing with fireworks may seem like fun, but the potential for fire and bodily injury is much higher than you may realize…

Fireworks Safety Risks

Again, fireworks should only be handled by trained professionals in a controlled environment and even then, there are still risks. Some of the more serious emergency situations that can occur include:

  • Fire igniting from a firework being thrown through a window, on top of a roof, or anywhere else near an inflammable structure
  • Debris from a firework causing a fire or leading to inside a home
  • Bodily harm or permanent injury from a firework exploding
  • First, second, or third degree burns from handling fireworks

If you live in a dry area like Los Angeles, the chance of fire from illegal firework usage is even greater. The only way to truly be safe is to simply not play with fireworks.

Concerns for Homeowners

In addition to all of the disaster and health risks, there are also other issues of concern with fireworks:

  1. Fireworks & Pets
    Many animals, especially dogs and cats, are terrified by fireworks. Just the sound of a firework going off can set your household pet into all-out panic mode. Pets have been known to hide under beds, climb into bathtubs, and even seek shelter under engine hoods (cats). If you know there is going to be a fireworks show near your home, provide a “safe room” for your animals with food, water, toys, and most importantly relaxing, soothing music like classical.
  2. Celebratory Gunfire
    Another common way of celebrating the 4th of July is celebratory gunfire. This act is extremely dangerous and should never, ever be done because there is no telling where the bullet will land. It is illegal to shoot firearms in the air. If you notice such an act going on in your neighborhood, be a good Samaritan and call the police and inform them of the illegal activity.
  3. Noise Pollution
    Let’s be honest, fireworks are loud! And if fireworks are going off in close proximity to your home the noise can be downright agonizing and cause major anxiety. Much like with pets, close all of the windows to your home and put on some loud but soothing classical music to drown out the noise. Also, invest in some noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs.

Celebrating our Independence is something that we all can be proud of as long as it is done in a safe manner. If you and your family want to see fireworks, go to a designated area that does firework shows in a controlled environment such as a park or beach where the safety risks are far away from the people. For more on safety in general, check out more blogs at