3 Homeowner Tips Before Buying a New Home

Published by SEO on May 21st 2015

Looking for and purchasing a new home is an extremely exciting (and sometimes stressful) process, but there are a whole list of questions and concerns that a potential homeowner usually has before buying. After all, it’s a huge investment — very likely the biggest purchase of that person’s life. So whether you’re moving into a new house or are a first time homeowner, here are 3 helpful homeowner tips to save time, money, and headaches before purchasing a new home:

#1) Cash is King

When it comes to purchasing a new home, cash is king. Putting a large cash down payment on a property makes your offer look stronger to a seller, giving the buyer more negotiating power and a better chance at scoring that coveted dream home. Additionally, you’ll already have some equity invested in your home which is always nice. And once you do finally settle on a home and buy, setting aside money for things like an emergency fund are good idea in general. Finally, using cash for home improvements and repairs can also save you some money with certain contractors.

#2) Meet the Neighbors

Barking Dog at Neighbors HouseEven though they won’t be physically living with you inside of your home, it is extremely important to meet the neighbors before purchasing a new home. For instance, do your direct neighbors have barking dogs or throw frequent parties at late hours of the night? If so, you may want to consider another home or neighborhood altogether. Finding out this crucial information beforehand can save a homeowner countless headaches and potential property disputes down the line so make sure to meet your potential neighbors before purchasing a home.

#3) Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Do-it-yourself (DIY) jobs are a great way to save cash while making improvements to your home. That is not to say that you should cut corners by using lower quality materials or attempting truly difficult tasks that should be handled by licensed professionals, but certain DIY jobs like remodeling a kitchen or installing a patio can be done without a contractor. DIY jobs can also cut home improvement costs in half plus you get the added bonus of knowing that you did the work with your own two hands.

Utilizing just these 3 tips can go a long way toward saving you and your family both time and money during the home buying process. For additional information on home cleaning, DIY jobs, and preventive maintenance, visit our blog section on 911Restoration.com.