5 DIY Home Repairs Best Left to Trained Professionals

Published by SEO on April 16th 2015

5 DIY Home Repairs Best Left to Trained Professionals

When it comes to preventive maintenance of a property, it is extremely tempting for homeowners to take the “do-it-yourself” approach. However given a recent survey finding that nearly seven in ten homeowners injure themselves performing DIY jobs, certain home repairs are best left to trained professionals:

1. Painting your Entire House

While painting a wall or a single room is something you can probably do on your own, jobs like painting the inside or outside of your entire home is best left up to professionals. This is because every year, countless homeowners are injured by falling off ladders or getting paint chemicals in their eyes while attempting to paint.

2. Installing or Repairing Electrical Wires

This is perhaps the most dangerous do-it-yourself (DIY) job a homeowner can attempt to tackle on their own. Installing or repairing electrical wiring is not as simple as matching similarly-colored wires and trust us when we say that one wrong electrical connection can result in fire or even death.

3. Hanging a Ceiling Fan

Something as simple as hanging a ceiling fan in your living room or dining room seems like a perfect DIY job for a homeowner, but this isn’t the case. That’s because improperly installing a ceiling fan without enough additional support can send the fan flying off the junction box while operating at high speeds.

4. Shingling your Home’s Roof

Adding shingles to your home’s roofing structure should only be done by trained professionals for many reasons. Not only does a homeowner risk injury from falling off the roof, but not properly flashing the chimney and roof valleys can lead to extensive water damage from roof leaks, structural failure to your home and attic, as well as mold.

5. Replacing Damaged Drywall from Water Spots

There are countless DIY books which suggest to homeowners that they address water spots on drywall themselves. While the job itself does not pose much risk injury-wise, improper repair of drywall that has suffered water damage can result in mold and mildew growth behind the walls.

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