Hygiene Tips for Coronavirus

Published by SEO on March 31st 2020

As we watch coronavirus cases spread beyond hot spots and across the country, questions and concerns pile up. You may feel worried about what the future holds or what this outbreak could mean for you and your family. Without question, we must all give this matter our full and focused attention. At 911 Restoration, we are certain our larger community can rise above the challenges that lie before us. But in order to do that, we must all agree to take this pandemic seriously and act in the best interests of ourselves and our neighbors.

Coronavirus is highly contagious and spreads easily. New research suggests the virus can live on surfaces for four hours to three days, depending on the material. It can also take up to 14 days for an individual to show symptoms of coronavirus after exposure. Some people never experience symptoms at all.

For these reasons, it is extremely important that you practice social distancing and regularly sanitize your home and business. Be especially mindful of how your actions affect those most vulnerable to the virus. Individuals over the age of 60 and people with pre-existing medical conditions are at risk for the most severe complications related to coronavirus. These complications could include pneumonia, kidney failure, and death. Use precaution when interacting with high risk family members, even if you are not aware of having been exposed to the virus. Wash your hands before interacting with them, and wear gloves when assisting with meals.

In addition to observing personal hygiene, diligently disinfect living and work spaces. If you are a business owner, this is especially important. Your retail store or facility is a gathering place within your community. It is more crucial than ever that you keep your commercial property clean.

911 Restoration provides professional sanitization and disinfection solutions throughout the U.S. Our vast network of franchises serves communities from coast to coast. Your local branch is ready and available to provide peace of mind through careful, comprehensive cleaning. Our teams are trained to follow CDC and EPA protocols, and they sanitize both residential and commercial properties. It is our goal to be another source of reassurance in uncertain times. We know our country will rebuild, better than ever. We always do. In the meantime, 911 Restoration is here for any support you need.