5 Tips to Make a Home Safer for Your Kids

Published by SEO on April 14th 2015

5 Tips to Make a Home Safer for Your Kids

When it comes to protecting children, there is literally nothing a parent won’t do to keep them safe. Here are 5 tips to make your home safer for your kids:

1.) Test your Home’s Smoke Detectors

Make sure that all of the smoke alarms in your home are working properly. Swap our old batteries for new ones at least once a year to avoid a malfunction during an emergency like a fire. Smoke inhalation is a leading cause of death during a fire so having fully-functioning smoke detectors in every room is essential.

2.) Hide Hazardous and Poisonous Chemicals

Store household items containing harmful chemicals like cleaning solutions, insect repellants and paint supplies up high to ensure that children can’t reach them. Also, keep medication hidden or in a locked cabinet. Just in case, write down the phone number to Poison Control near the telephone.

3.) Check for Electrical Hazards

Electrical hazards like exposed wiring is a common cause of household fires so our technicians at 911 Restoration recommend you perform a thorough yearly inspection of all the wiring in your home. Replace any damaged, frayed or exposed wires and remember not to overload sockets and surge protectors with too many electrical plugs.

4.) Fireproof your Fireplace

This statement may seem contradictory but fireplaces are meant to create and keep heat inside a small enclosed area and away from flammable objects in your home like drapes and furniture. With this in mind, make sure to cover your fireplace with a metal or fireproof screen. Also, only use wood to light your home’s fireplace.

5.) Create a First Aid Kit and Evacuation Plan

Be prepared for unexpected disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes and fires by creating an evacuation plan with your family. Run practice drills and have alternate exit routes planned. Create a first aid kit that includes water, perishable food, medicine, a flashlight and other important emergency items.

In the event of an emergency that causes water damage or fire damage to your home, call our disaster restoration specialists at 911 Restoration right away!