3 Simple Household Chores to Teach your Kids

Published by SEO on May 6th 2015

3 Simple Household Chores to Teach your Kids

Here are 3 simple chores to teach your kids that will help you cut down on housework:

1.) Help Out with Yard Work
Something simple every child can assist parents with is yard work. Have your kids make piles of leaves for you or your partner to rake up, especially after you clean out your gutters and downspouts. You can also ask them to throw the bag in the trash bin for you once it is filled with leaves.

2.) Put Away Clean Clothes

Laundry is a tedious task that many homeowners dread due to the time it takes, but there are ways to make this chore go by quicker. For example, have your kids make separate piles of clothes: one for whites, one for colors. Also, you’d be surprised how eager children are to put away their own clothes once you’ve washed and dried them.

3.) Care for Household Pets

Kids love animals, especially dogs and cats. Get a head start on creating a healthy living environment in your home by having your children care for household pets. This can include small, simple tasks such as combing shedding hair off the family dog to improve air quality or taking the dog outside to keep your carpets clean.

Just a little help from your little ones can go a long way toward cutting down on the amount of time housework takes. Just remember, safety first when it comes to working around the home. For more information on preventive maintenance and home safety in general, go to 911Restoration.com and check out the rest of our helpful blogs.