Leadership Through Support: Lending a Helping Hand for Hampton Roads

Published by 911 Restoration on October 5th 2015
In category: Community Service

Here at 911 Restoration, we believe in the value of a fresh start. It is something we endeavor to bring to every project we take on, every customer we interact with, and every member of our community. With the horrible flooding that took place throughout South Carolina this weekend and continues to affect the residents of the area, we wish to celebrate a member within our team who has exemplified our fresh start ideal by being a leader through support during this difficult time.

Hank Miller, owner of 911 Restoration of Virginia Beach, put his knowledge of disaster restoration and his passion for helping others to work this weekend by spreading important information about Hurricane Joaquin. While the bulk of the storm did not make direct landfall as expected, much of the east coast still felt the hurricane’s influence. Through quick work and dedication, Hank assisted us in setting up and maintaining a Facebook page to regularly provide weather updates and relief advice for the community.

This, of course, does not come as a surprise. Hank has been a dedicated member of the 911 Restoration family since joining us after 30 years as a printer salesman, following his desire to help others achieve a fresh start. “My business now is to help out people in their time of need, and that’s way better than selling printers. Selling didn’t speak to my nature, helping does”

As the south east coast continues to be pummeled by rain and flooding, Hank continues to update our friends with news, photos, and support as well. Thank you, Hank, for representing out Fresh Start Attitude so generously throughout this event, and for all your help and support in the past and future.