A Fresh Start for the Virginia Beach Community

Published by SEO on August 6th 2015
In category: Community Service

Giving someone a Fresh Start isn’t just something that we do for families in crisis after a disaster. At 911 Restoration, we take this attitude a step further by helping out those in the community who are in need of it most.

For the past four years 911 Restoration of Virginia Beach franchise owner Hank Miller and his amazing team have taken two weekends per month from their busy schedule to go into the community to give out food and other goods to the homeless.

The bi-monthly event usually involves both the distribution of groceries in addition to live shows in the neighborhood’s cul-de-sacs so everyone involved can have some fun as well.

The community outreach efforts of The True Bread team have made a huge impact on neighborhoods all across the Virginia Beach area as they focus on one part of town for a length of 8-12 months, and then select a new neighborhood to lend a helping hand to. Now his life’s passion, Hank couldn’t be more ecstatic:

“It’s just unbelievable. I get such satisfaction by doing these things. I want to encourage everyone out there to do the same thing. Look for opportunities where you can give back. Trust me, even the simplest things make a huge difference in someone’s life.”

In addition to the amazing things they do to help fight poverty, Hank and his staff are also extremely passionate about the work they do with children in the community through their V.B.S. program at their local church. Over 200 t-shirts were donated to the youth program just recently and over 50 of the kids’ parents volunteered to help out as well.

For more information on Hank Miller, his team, and all of their wonderful work in the community visit their franchise website at 911RestorationofVirginiaBeach.com.