4 Home Cleaning Tips for After a Party

Published by SEO on May 26th 2015

4 Home Cleaning Tips for After a Party

One thing that remains after all of the holiday parties is the mess left over. With the hopes of saving you headaches, time, and money, here are 4 home cleaning tips for after a party:

1.) Utilize the Dishwasher
More than likely you will dirty dishes while cooking for your party even before it begins. Why not empty out the dishwasher before the start of the party or BBQ and run a load beforehand? You’ll save time washing dishes later and your guests will be impressed just how clean your kitchen is.

2.) Less is More with Decorations

The old adage “less is more” applies perfectly for planning party decorations and decor. Keeping decorations minimalistic will make the cleanup process afterwards easier and more manageable. Also, your entire home will feel more “clean” with less clutter everywhere.

3.) Keep the Party Outdoors

If you’re throwing a party at a home or residence with a large enough yard, keep the festivities and food outdoors. This will significantly reduce cleanup efforts after the party. Allow guests to go inside to use the bathroom, make a private phone call, or to exit the event.

4.) Use Disposable Dishes

When it comes to cleaning up after a party, one of the biggest and most time consuming tasks has to be washing all of the leftover dishes. Instead, try using plastic utensils and paper plates which will significantly cut cleanup hours while saving water as well. Additionally, you can recycle these items after use.

Keeping your home clean and free of mold will make your living environment more pleasant for you and your family to occupy. If while cleaning after your party you find traces of mold spores or mildew, immediately contact 911 Restoration for mold remediation help!