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5 Saltwater Damage Facts

Published by 911 Restoration on Thursday, September 24th 2015

Fighting salt water doesn’t only happen at sea. Especially with hurricane season upon us, many homes and families risk being affected by saltwater damage. If you live near the coast, it’s important to be prepared. Here are 5 things you need to know about saltwater damage: 1.) Saltwater Carries an Electrical Charge You might remember building a ... Read More

Waterworld: A Customer’s Guide to Water Damage

Published by SEO on Thursday, September 10th 2015

Water damage is a lot like an in-law visiting. It’s an unwanted nuisance that nearly every homeowner has to deal with sometime during their life. Don’t step in a puddle…read this guide to water damage! Water damage occurs when unwanted water penetrates a porous surface of a home, such as drywall, wood floorboards, or carpet. ... Read More

Water Damage and Property Disputes: Who’s at Fault?

Published by SEO on Monday, June 8th 2015

Water Damage and Property Disputes: Who’s at Fault? It’s Best Friends Day but when it comes to a property dispute with a neighbor, best friends can quickly turn into sworn enemies when water damage is involved. From roof water runoff to failed drainage systems, here is everything you need to know regarding water damage that ... Read More

3 Household Pests that are Attracted to Water

Published by SEO on Thursday, April 9th 2015

3 Household Pests that are Attracted to Water Maintaining a home and its structures is hard enough without the prospect of pests like bugs and rodents becoming a nuisance. That said, water-loving insects like mosquitoes could be a sign of water damage or mold growth. Here are 3 common household pests that are attracted to ... Read More

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