Americans Are Strong: Coronavirus Tips To Help Stop The Spread Together

Published by SEO on March 27th 2020

As our country faces the rapid spread of coronavirus, we find ourselves in uncharted territory. But we at 911 Restoration know Americans are resilient, and empathetic, and can get through this together. To make that happen, however, each individual must be willing to take this threat seriously and educate themselves on spread prevention.

First, recognize the symptoms of an infection. Common signs of coronavirus include dry cough, shortness of breath, and fever. If you experience any of these symptoms, do not leave your home. Call your health provider and follow their advice to the letter. If you or a loved one shows emergency warning signs of a severe infection, seek medical attention immediately. Check the CDC website to stay up-to-date on those symptoms that require an emergency response.

Please note that while coronavirus may be deadly for vulnerable populations, most individuals can make a full recovery at home. However, please recognize that your choices influence those around you. Even if you are not personally at risk of a severe infection, you can still spread coronavirus to those who are. Follow the directives of health officials to practice social distancing. Remain in your home as much as possible. Work remotely if you are able, and do not shake hands, hug, or engage in other forms of physical contact.

It is also important that you keep your home or business environment clean. While experts are still studying the spread of coronavirus, it is currently believed that the virus remains viable on a surface for hours or even days. If anyone in your home is elderly or has a pre-existing medical condition, create a protected area for them. Disinfect surfaces regularly, especially high-touch items such as door handles and television remotes.

For further peace of mind, consider hiring a professional sanitization and cleaning team. 911 Restoration has a vast network of franchise locations throughout the country. All our sanitization teams are trained to follow CDC and EPA protocols. They use disinfection solutions on your property thoroughly and communicate clearly about sanitization procedures to help you keep your space safe. Business owners especially benefit from the help of a sanitization crew, as coronavirus is a serious threat in public spaces. In any case—whether you own a commercial or residential property—you can count on 911 Restoration to be a community ally during this challenging time. While so much remains uncertain, there is one thing we know for sure:

Americans are strong, and we’ll find our way through this and on to a Fresh Start.