3 Kitchen Pantry Cleaning Tips

Published by SEO on April 7th 2015

Spring Cleaning: Pantry Edition – 3 Quick Tips to Clean and Organize your Kitchen Pantry

Last week our mold removal experts at 911 Restoration provided 5 Tips to Remove Mold, Mildew and Other Allergens from your home during spring cleaning. Today we focus on cleaning the kitchen area, particularly the pantry:

1. ) Start from Scratch
Start by removing all of the food and items from your pantry. Survey the space to see exactly how to best organize the area, then grab some cleaning supplies and start scrubbing!

2. ) Get to Cleaning
Thoroughly clean your pantry. Wipe down all shelves with a wet cloth, then dry them completely. Don’t forget to vacuum and dust those hard-to-reach corners where mold likes to grow.

3.) Categorize and Organize
Categorize items and group like goods together on your pantry shelves. Discard any opened, dented or sticky cans of food because this could be a sign of insects, rodents or mold.

If while re-organizing your kitchen pantry you see heavy mold growth or notice any water spots, immediately give our water damage restoration specialists a call because you may have a pipe burst or plumbing leak behind the pantry walls.