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Welcome to 911 Restoration, the most expedient and affordable water damage company in the industry.  We provide our customers with expert water removal and water damage restoration services with the highest degree of professionalism. There’s nothing our experienced water damage team can’t fix, and with 35 years of experience and a proven track record of success the choice is clear when you need help with any problem in your home or business.

911 Restoration also provides safe, effective mold removal which is often needed along with water damage restoration. Mold tends to grow when excess moisture is present in hidden, hard-to-reach areas of your home. Many forms of these fungi are toxic and can cause respiratory problems and more serious illnesses if not removed, so call on our water damage experts and we will eradicate every trace of this dangerous intruder.

A fire is easily the scariest emergency you may encounter, and once the flames are out the road to a full recovery can seem daunting. Our fire and smoke damage restoration crew can remove ash, oily soot and acidic smoke from every surface using safe, specialized cleaning materials. We can also employ odor remediation techniques to leave your home smelling fresh and clean before moving on to water damage repair.

Our sewage backup specialists can extract black and gray water with ease in the aftermath of a toilet overflow or messy pipe burst. Don’t try to clean up bacteria-ridden sewage water yourself. Instead, depend on our specialists for safe removal, cleanup and restoration and know that your space is completely safe for all inhabitants.

Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and severe storms can all spell trouble for your property, but with our disaster restoration team on your side you can make a fast recovery. Our water damage specialists will use every technique in our broad arsenal to fully restore your home or business until there is no trace whatsoever of the disaster. Our water damage team cares about providing you with everything you need to restore your home after an emergency, so call on us for compassionate, one-on-one attention.

How Does Water Damage Occur?

Water damage occurs when the inside of your home or your personal property is exposed to water. Situations like floods and storms, leaking pipes, clogged toilets, plumbing issues, and even washers that malfunction can cause water to leak where it shouldn’t. This can result in damage to electronics, carpets, and furniture as well as possible structural damage. If the water isn’t removed, further complications arise such as the growth and spread of mold spores. This can wreak havoc not only on your property but can affect your health as well. It’s vital to have the water removed as quickly as possible. At 911 Restoration, we are happy to give you the immediate attention you need for any water damage problem so be sure to call us at the first sign of trouble.

What Should I Do If My Property Has Suffered From Water Damage?

If your property has suffered from water damage, whether it’s from a major flood or a leaking toilet, 911 Restoration can tackle the situation. If the leak is coming an internal plumbing source the first step is to turn off the main water line to your home. If any appliances are wet, turn off your power supply to prevent electrical damage. Do not enter a room with standing water as this could potentially cause electrocution, exposure to hazardous wastes and chemicals, or other injury from structural damage.  Once you’ve been able to safely assess the situation, give us a call to begin the water damage remediation process. The sooner the water is removed, the better chance you have of getting your home and things restored, so call today.

Why is 911 Restoration the Best Water Damage Company?

911 Restoration is the best water damage company because all of our employees have been hand selected based on experience, knowledge, and dedication to customer service. Every member of our water damage crew is licensed, insured and bonded, and with our fast 45 minute response time and same day service we will be on the scene as quickly as possible. We understand how important your home and family is to you, and we go out of our way to treat your things as if they were our own.

Whether your home or business has suffered damage from water, smoke, or mold, we go above and beyond to restore your property. We even offer a free estimate to our customers. Additionally, our staff members have dealt with a number of insurance companies so we will gladly assist you with those details and help you to file your claim. Above all, the primary objective of our water damage team is to get your home clean, safe, and habitable as quickly as possible so that you can rest easy. When you want the best, call 911 Restoration.

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