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Water Damage | Fire Damage | Mold Removal

Flood and Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Restoration We specialize in drying and extracting water from the affected areas. This has to be done as soon as possible to avoid moisture and humidity which can lead to the weakening of your home’s structure. Not to mention, any water that is left behind can lead to the growth of mold spores which are hazardous to one’s health.
Insurance Approved Vendor 911 Restoration has worked directly with numerous insurance companies which enables us to speed up the restoration process. We are certified and our service speaks for itself.
Water Damage Drying We are specialists in assessing and restoring properties affected by water damage. We will immediately remove your personal belongings to prevent further damage and our team of certified experts will start the drying process soon after. We take great care in restoring your property back to its original state while keeping an eye out for potential leaks and mold growth.
Pack Out Services Let our team of professionals remove any damaged property and belongings from the affected area to avoid potential illness and further damage. We’ll ship your belongings to one of our facilities for storage while we continue to restore your affected property.
Sewage Cleanup Black water is highly unsanitary and requires immediate removal by licensed professionals. We follow local health regulations to properly dispose of black water.

Mold Removal & Testing

Free Mold Inspection Mold spores are invisible to the naked eye and they can’t be detected through your sense of smell. Mold inspection can be completed using specialized equipment, such as infrared cameras that will detect areas of moisture, and potential mold infestations behind and in between walls.
Mold Testing Mold testing is done through a third party vendor to avoid a conflict of interest. This must be done to avoid potential health problems such as coughing, watery eyes, asthma episodes, and respiratory problems.
Mold Damage Restoration We provide thorough and meticulous mold damage services. We will inspect and look for mold spores to avoid damage to your property. Mold is hazardous to you and your loved ones’ health and it is important to be aware of any potential growth in your home. Let our team of experts help solve your mold problem.
Air Quality Testing Testing the quality of your air is vital to avoid health issues. With over 30 years of experience, we recommend an annual test whether you think you may or may not have mold spores in your home.

Smoke and Fire Damage Repair

Fire Cleanup With fire cleanup, it is very important that no one attempt to enter the affected area since smoke particles and soot are known to move around with any sudden movement. We will inspect all of your belongings and appliances for any particles that may be lingering inside and we do this as soon as possible to avoid any further complications and/or setbacks.
Odor Removal We will sanitize and deodorize the affected area so you and your family are safe to use the area again.
Restoration & Repair We promise to restore and repair your property back to its original state.

Sewage Damage Cleanup

Sewage Removal Complete sanitation work and damage restoration to the affected area. Sewage will be disposed of following local health regulations and your damaged belongings will be removed immediately before any type of work is done.
Cleanup and Disinfection We will thoroughly clean and disinfect all affected property and belongings before returning them back to you.
Dry Out and Repairs We ensure to dry and extract every bit of moisture from your home and property to avoid any recurring problems such as mold growth, health problems, and further damage to your home.

Fire Restoration in Miami, FL

Fire damage restoration professionals will use large, commercial vacuums to remove the soot. If you are not hiring a professional, you can use a personal vacuum to do it yourself but use only the nozzle or head piece and hold it a couple of inches away from the item. Meshing the nozzle directly

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