How Weather Affects 4 Different Roof Types

Published by SEO on April 8th 2015

How Weather Affects 4 Different Roof Types

While you can’t completely plan for bad weather, you can prepare for natural disasters like rain storms and hail showers by carefully considering what roofing you and your family select for your home. Here are 4 different roof types and how each is affected by bad weather and natural disasters:

1.) Flat Roof
Flat roofs have many obvious advantages, including being more accessible to homeowners and being cheaper and easier to construct. However, these benefits are heavily outweighed by the additional maintenance often required with such roofing. This is because the drainage system on a flat roof becomes more easily clogged with debris and leaves, leading to problems like roof leaks.

2.) Sloped Roof

Sloped roofs, or pitched roofs, come in many styles including Mansard, Gambrel and Pyramid. Sloped roofs are more expensive than flat roofing options but because they require less maintenance, you’ll end up saving money over the life of your roof. Sloped roofing is preferred by industry professionals because sloped roofs are easier to inspect, maintain and repair after damage from weather.

3.) Tile Roof

Regardless of whether you go with a flat or pitched roof, using tile roof materials is a great option. Not only can you customize the color of the tiling to match the style of your home but more importantly, tile roofs are non-combustible meaning that they are resistant to fire. Unfortunately, tile roofs suffer more structural damage from disasters like hurricanes.

4.) Metal Roof

Metal roofing is another great choice for homeowners living in areas of the country with hot, humid climates. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), metal roofs absorb less heat than traditional roofing options like asphalt shingles so homes that utilize them can stay up to 60 degrees cooler in the summertime. Additionally, metal roofs are less prone to mold, fungus and algae growth.

Preventive maintenance of your roof is the best way to ensure that your home doesn’t suffer water damage as a result of a roof leak or drainage system problem. If you need further need assistance with water damage restoration, contact 911 Restoration today!