Slow the Spread of Coronavirus in Your Community

Published by SEO on March 24th 2020

This is an overwhelming time for many Americans. As coronavirus spreads throughout our communities and across the country, many worry about what this pandemic means for our future and way of life. At 911 Restoration, we still believe a Fresh Start awaits us all on the other side of disaster. But to get there, every individual must take personal responsibility for helping slow the spread of coronavirus.

First, closely follow trusted sources such as the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control. These establishments provide daily updates and new insights into the pandemic. Experts learn more everyday about coronavirus, and education is our best weapon against infection.

Do not panic, but do take the threat of coronavirus seriously. Not only can this virus be deadly for vulnerable populations, but it spreads quickly. According to the CDC, an individual exposed to coronavirus may not exhibit symptoms for up to 14 days. Health officials strongly recommend social distancing, because you can carry and spread coronavirus long before you are aware you have it. Even if public spaces are not yet closed in your area, choose to avoid crowds. Work from home if at all possible.

It is also important to practice vigilant hygiene. Wash your hands and disinfect surfaces within your home or business frequently. The CDC currently believes coronavirus can remain viable on surfaces for hours and even days. Regular sanitization can help you, your customers, and your vulnerable family members stay safe.

To ensure effective sanitization and cleaning, consider reaching out to 911 Restoration. We have locations all across the United States with highly experienced professionals ready to help you find peace of mind in the current crisis. All our teams are trained to follow CDC and EPA protocols and use disinfect solutions. We deep clean both homes and businesses from supermarkets, retail shops, to city halls, taking special precautions to keep you safe during this pandemic. We know that as this situation evolves, each American feels less and less secure in the future. But at 911 Restoration, we are determined to prove to our neighbors across the nation that no one is in this alone. We will get through this together, and you can always count on 911 Restoration.