Paint Chips: 5 Facts about Lead in Paint

Published by SEO on March 14th 2016

For #PotatoChipDay we’re putting the spotlight on another type of chip, paint chips that contain lead. With a little help from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), here are 5 facts about lead-based paint in homes:

#1 Leading the Charge – In 1978 the federal government banned consumer use of lead-based paint, due to the fact that exposure to lead causes numerous health problems, especially in children.

#2 Leading Causes – Even low levels of lead in the bloodstream of children can cause health issues, including learning and behavioral problems, lower IQ, stunted growth, and anemia.

#3 Leader of the Pack – The best way to fight lead poisoning is the prevent it in the first place. At home, this means making sure that paint is in good shape (not peeling or chipping) and dusting often to remove lead-contaminated dust.

#4 In the Lead – If doing any repairs or renovation work to your home, make sure you hire lead-safe certified contractors to complete the job.

#5 Lead Leaching – Up until 1986, many water service lines and household plumbing materials were lead-based. This is the case in Flint, Michigan where lead leaching has led to residents in the area experiencing various levels of lead poisoning.