3 Helpful Health Tips for Kids from Nurses

Published by SEO on May 12th 2015
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3 Helpful Health Tips for Kids from Nurses

Here are 3 helpful health tips for kids from nurses:

1.) Wash your Hands Regularly
This may seem like obvious advice, but more people than you think forget to wash their hands thoroughly and on a regular basis. Use soap and water to de-sanitize rather than opting for hand sanitizer because over time, germs actually become resistant to hand sanitizer. Additionally, always cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.

2.) Opt for Healthy Snacks and Water

Kids love candy, juice and other sweet and salty treats such as cookies, chips and ice cream. However, these snacks are packed full of calories and sugar which can eventually lead to childhood obesity or even diabetes. Instead, opt for healthy snacks like mixed nuts, seeds and fruit. Also, make sure children drink plenty of water throughout the day.

3.) Get Plenty of Rest

Getting proper sleep is extremely important, especially for children. Kids needs 7-8 hours of sleep to fully recharge their bodies and brains after each day. Also, day naps of between 15-20 minutes during a break are a great way to gain some energy mid-day. You’ll wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how simple it is to maintain good health by practicing good habits like healthy eating, washing your hands regularly, and getting plenty of rest. For more helpful tips on living with a Fresh Start attitude, check out the rest of our blogs at 911Restoration.com.