A Fresh Start Video Challenge to our Franchisees

Published by SEO on July 1st 2015
In category: Company News

Everyone deserves a Fresh Start. Here at 911 Restoration we’re built on a foundation of making a difference and building a better future for the world. This is what we call the Fresh Start attitude.

For the month of July we’re asking all of our franchises to participate in what we’re calling the Fresh Start Video Challenge. Franchisees and their team members will be sending in short videos that answer the following 3 questions:


1. What does a Fresh Start mean to you?
2. What can you start doing today to get your Fresh Start?
3. How would a Fresh Start have an impact on your life?

The winner of the Fresh Start Video Challenge will receive a cash prize in the amount of $500 and be featured on our 911 Restoration blog.

This isn’t the first time 911 Restoration has posed the question, “What does a Fresh Start mean to you?” Back in January our national branch participated in a Fresh Start Challenge of our own with some amazing results:

As you can see, creativity was in full effect as the employees of 911 Restoration really went above and beyond to express their Fresh Start attitude. We’re anxious to see what all of our franchises come up with and have a feeling that we’re going to be in for quite the treat once we receive all of the Fresh Start Challenge videos.

In the meantime 911 Restoration wants to know, what does a Fresh Start mean to you?