A Fresh Start Formula – Be Bold, Do Something New

Published by SEO on June 1st 2015
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A Fresh Start Formula – Be Bold, Do Something New

Dare to climb out of your comfort zone… At 911 Restoration part of our Fresh Start formula involves just that: being bold and trying something new. Here are 3 ways to improve your life by doing something new:

1. Change Eating Habits

Changing your eating habits involves more than simply “going on a diet.” Studies show that strict, last-resort dieting techniques usually don’t work and often end up backfiring. Instead, make healthier food choices like drinking water instead of soda. Eat 5 smaller portion meals throughout the day and don’t eat after 6pm in order to lose weight and maintain energy. Also, opt for nuts and seeds for snacks rather than candy and chips.

2. Quit Cold Turkey

There is nothing bolder than quitting a bad habit, especially cold turkey. Whether it’s alcohol, cigarettes, or junk food, find a supportive friend or family member to help you kick the habit for good. Two great distractions to help you get over the hump are exercise and taking an extended vacation. Both will focus your energy and efforts on more productive activities.

3. Pursue a Dream

Relax, you don’t have to achieve your dream overnight. However, setting the foundation for whatever it is you truly want to do with your life starts with today. At the very least, take a class or do some research as to what avenues you need to take to get there. Think about going back to school if that’s an option, or seek out a mentor in your desired field who can help you realize your dream.

Any day is a great time to make a change so go ahead and be bold today; it may change your life. At 911 Restoration we’re all about a Fresh Start for you and your family, so take the leap of faith today and try something new!