7 Ways to Supercharge Your Productivity

Published by 911 Restoration on May 5th 2015
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Sometimes when people are trying to finish a project, they glue their eyeballs to the computer and lose all concept of time. Then their brain gets fried and they hit a wall. The solution to this problem might just be to plan mini distractions.

“I keep desk plants, and they, like all plants, need maintenance from time to time,” says Alexander Ruggie, PR director at 911 Restoration. “Taking a quick moment to prune my spider plant, or reposition my pothos for better light, allows me to separate myself from the action of the office for a moment so that I can collect myself and regroup. It seems small and simple, but in truth, this actually gives me just enough of a break to get back to work without feeling like I’ve been slacking.”

Ruggie happens to love plants, but you don’t have to have a green thumb to try this productivity method. You can take a walk around the block every couple of hours to reset your brain and rest your eyes–or maybe set a standing time with a co-worker to catch up for 10 minutes in the break room. Whatever you do, keep your distraction enjoyable, brief, and away from your computer.

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