Facility Management Quiz Answers

Published by SEO on April 20th 2017

Congratulations on taking 911 Restoration’s Facility Manager Qualifications Quiz. You’ve officially taken the very first step towards starting a lucrative, rewarding career in the facility management industry. Are you finally ready to see how you scored on your facility management quiz? Then check out the answer key below and find out if you have what it takes to become a full-time facility manager!

1.) How old are you?
a.) 18-21: 0 points
b.) 21-30: 1 point
c.) 30-55: 3 points
d.) 55 and above: 2 points

2.) What type of job would you prefer?
a.) I thought I was interviewing for an Internship: 0
b.) Temporary work or a part-time bob: 2
c.) A summer job while I’m out of school: 1
d.) Full-time position with room for growth: 3

Quiz Answers Key

How’d you score? 0-15: Find another industry. 16-20: Maybe after training. 21-25: You might be a good fit for facility management. 26-30: Why haven’t you applied?

3.) What’s an ideal work environment?
a.) Freelancing & flexible schedule: 1
b.) Working from home while in bed: 0
c.) I’m most comfortable in an office setting: 2
d.) I can work from anywhere and be effective: 3

4.) Your network consists mostly of…?
a.) Designers, computer programmers, writers: 2
b.) Carpet cleaners, plumbers, electricians: 3
c.) Millennials, college kids, and students: 1
d.) Deadbeats, drug lords, and criminals: 0

5.) How organized are you?
a.) Somewhat: 2
b.) Not at all: 0
c.) Extremely: 3
d.) A little bit: 1

6.) Are you handy & good with your hands?
a.) I can fix anything or hire someone who can: 3
b.) I know how to do basic repairs: 2
c.) I’d rather not get my hands dirty on the job: 1
d.) What’s a wrench?: 0

7.) How do you make decisions?
a.) My gut has never been wrong: 1
b.) I usually just flip a coin to make decisions: 0
c.) I analyze all available information & then make an informed decision: 3
d.) I ask co-workers & contractors for opinions: 2

8.) Are you good with numbers & data analysis?
a.) I’m not great with numbers but I know people who are: 2
b.) I’m sure I’ll figure it out on the job: 1
c.) 1 + 1 = 3: 0
d.) I know basic math, measurements, and accounting: 3

9.) Are you a “people person”?
a.) Absolutely. I’m at my best when I’m around people: 3
b.) I’m an introvert who prefers not to work with people: 0
c.) If I have to interact with people I will: 1
d.) I’ve been working on my networking skills: 2

10.) How would you keep clients happy?
a.) Great service, good communication, professionalism: 2
b.) Transparency, detailed records, attention to detail: 2
c.) Preventative maintenance, quick repairs, fair estimates: 2
d.) All of the above: 3

How’d you score? Tally up your points below to see if you have the skills to start a career in facility management!

  • 0-15 = Find another industry
  • 16-20 = Maybe after some training
  • 21-25 = You might be a good fit for facility management
  • 26-30 = Why haven’t you applied?