True or False? 10 Common Coffee “Myth-Conceptions”

Published by 911 Restoration on September 29th 2015
In category: Food & Health

As I’m sure you’re aware if you’ve been anywhere near social media sites in the last few hours, today is National Coffee Day! #NationalCoffeeDay is the top trending tag on Instagram and Twitter today, and with nearly 65% of the American population confirmed coffee drinkers, you can expect to see even more lens filtered photos of coffee cups today than any other day.



However, for the world’s second most traded commodity, there is a lot about this wonderful red fruit – because yes, it is a fruit – that many people still don’t know or understand. Having now finished my third cup of coffee, I think it’s time to put your coffee knowledge to the test with a short True/False quiz. Don’t forget your answers at the end…you might be surprised by what you find out!

  • Coffee has been known to cause cancer
  • Drinking coffee can make you gain weight
  • Coffee dehydrates you
  • “Decaf” means Caffeine Free
  • Coffee has an adverse effect on children
  • Dark roasted coffee has more caffeine than light roasted coffee
  • Coffee and caffeine negatively affects your memory and attention span
  • Drinking Coffee can cure a hangover
  • Coffee causes insomnia
  • Coffee can be grown anywhere

And the answers are….

Drum Roll Please


That’s right, every point listed above are common myths and misconceptions surrounding coffee consumption. If you answered “true” on any of these, don’t feel too bad – even I was pleasantly surprised by several of these facts. So don’t feel guilty! Go out and grab a cup of coffee, post that beauty on Instagram, and share the news with your fellow coffee lovers to spread the joy!