Are Roof Solar Panels Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance?

Published by SEO on June 5th 2015

Are Roof Solar Panels Covered by Insurance?

It’s World Environment Day which gives those working inside homes the chance to discuss things like solar energy, wind power, and of course reducing carbon emissions. In fact, eco-friendly home improvement projects like installing solar panels on your roof are becoming increasingly more popular with homeowners installing over 195,000 solar energy systems in 2014 alone, a new record. With energy efficiency and saving on electric bills in mind, here are 3 quick tips on roof solar panels and homeowner’s insurance coverage before you install:

1.) Do Some Research First

Before you even consider solar technology and whether or not they are covered by homeowner’s insurance, do some research on your local area and specific home. For example, do you install solar panels on your roof or is a ground-based system a better option for your property type? Additionally, check if there are any restrictions or local codes regarding solar energy from local municipalities or from your homeowner’s association.

2.) Know your Insurance Coverage

A homeowner’s insurance carrier can raise, lower or keep your premium rate the same depending on the specifications of your solar technology installation. Some insurance carriers for example automatically reduce the premium cost by 2-5% regardless of the type of technology used with the thought process being that eco-friendly homeowners are more responsible in general and less likely to file an unwarranted insurance claim.

3.) Amend your Existing Policy

While residential solar energy installations are typically covered by a standard homeowner’s insurance policy, you will likely also have to amend your existing policy to account for the new technology. For example, your existing policy may have coverage limits that exceed the amount needed to repair both your roof and any corresponding solar panels installed on it after a disaster. Make sure you have enough coverage for both.

Solar technology and other eco-friendly home solutions are being installed at a record rate with home contractors anticipating that nearly 1 in 4 of remodeling projects will be green-related. If during the installation of solar panels on your roof you discover damage that leads to a roof leak, call our technicians at 911 Restoration right away!