A sewage backup in Bethesda can have devastating consequences, learn what you can do to reduce additional risks to your health and property.

Protect yourself
Equipping yourself with rubber gloves that go up to your elbows, along with rubber boots and a face mask is absolutely necessary. This kind of equipment is needed so sewage water won’t touch your skin. Don’t forget to sanitize your boots and get rid of the face mask and gloves after you’re done. Make sure you don’t contaminate clean areas with the dirty boots after cleaning.
Also, ventilating the contaminated area is crucial for your health and the health of others. Make sure air flows steadily so no one would get hurt.


Make sure you get rid of any porous materials that came in contact with the sewage water. Any furniture and carpeting that’s absorbed the sewage water must be removed and permanently replaced when the contaminated area is finally cleaned. If you can see a water line or stain on wallboard or paneling from the sewage backup, the material should be cut out up to several inches above the water line and replaced. Find a way to get rid of all the debris. Do not forget – throw away anything that has absorbed the sewage water, it cannot be sanitized.

Cleaning the area
Rinse all washable surfaces with hot water. Next, prepare the bleaching solution. You should do that by mixing one cup of chlorine bleach per 4 liters (1 gallon) of warm water. A sponge or a brush should be used to scrub the contaminated area, and then rinse it thoroughly with hot water. Repeat the process until everything is finally clean. After cleaning all the surfaces, allow them to dry – you should keep the area well ventilated throughout the whole process of cleaning and drying.

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